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Lili Chin has produced most of the images above with other dog educators. With her generosity we are able to share these with you through creative common license. Please read guidelines if you plan on printing and distributing multiple copies for your organization and please consider making a Paypal donation to: 

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Does your dog REALLY want to be petted? by Eileen Anderson

Client Gratitude

 Janet is amazing, awesome and a true dog lover. I have a very opinionated Morkie who told the PetSmart people "you fetch!" Enter Janet and my little guy is in love. Janet had him sitting, laying and working food puzzles in just an hour. Her style exudes love and you can't help but love her and her work. I will definitely have her back to work with my Xander. She is the best!!!! 

-Aimee McClean  August 2016

At right: Emma at Tufts University helping students destress during exams.