Locally made snuffle mats!!

Tilda Snuffle Mats


These wonderfully dense snuffle mats are made by Maureen Thistle. Maureen is a Bostonian and major animal lover!  She has fostered over 80 dogs for a local rescue.  This remarkable lady also has 4 dogs of her own and a cat. She lives in Boston with her husband, daughter, resident animals and a foster or two. Maureen became a snuffle mat advocate after seeing how beneficial nose work and mental enrichment benefited her pups. They can be purchased through Janet or directly from Maureen. Email for details.



Any food mat or puzzle can be frustrating to your dog.

We want to avoid frustration by starting with the easiest step. If you make the puzzle too difficult the dog will give up and then the toy lays around collecting dust. 

If it's a toy you stuff with food, like the Kong, gradually work up to a more difficult level. At first put in a few pieces of kibble that will fall out easily. Dog is engaged and happy he made food come out. Rinse, repeat. Make it a bit more challenging incrementally. 

Dog Behavior Is Fluid. Reactivity Is Progressive

I Highly Recommend



Food Puzzles & Enrichment Toys

I have several food mat puzzles shown above that I currently use and recommend to clients. Emma earned the title of chief puzzle tester because her standards are high and she's super smart. Emma's high standards include, but are not limited to; a good challenge, has to be fun, food was consumed, she moved it around and food was dispensed, she gets to use her paws as a vice, she tossed it in the air and food was dispensed and it helps barking sounds from neighborhood dogs become background noise (aka lazy counter conditioning).

Lou (Treeing Walker Coonhound) above working a snuffle mat! 

Client Sessions

When I work with clients I introduce them to the ever increasing importance of mental enrichment toys/games. Most of you have used the most well known 'Kong' food puzzle at some point. These wonderful gadgets get the dog problem solving, using their nose and practicing impulse control. Knowing how to use the puzzles to increase impulse control and watching their dogs stay engaged while having fun is great motivation.


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