What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You


Check out this excellent video by The Family Dog. Safe for the whole family!

Dogs don't speak with words. They speak with their bodies. They are talking all the time! http://www.thefamilydog.com/

Stop The 77

77% of bites come from a friends dog or the families own, well-loved dog. This is a powerful video that shows how tolerant dogs appear to be, until they're not. If you don't set the limits the dog will. 

Join us in helping to stop the 77. Visit http://stopthe77.com/ for more great information.

The Nose Knows

Check out this great video by Alexandra Horowitz through TED-Ed. All about a dog's nose!

Dog Play

Dog Signals During Play (sound warning: dogs barking)

Trigger Stacking (sound warning: dog bark at beginning)

Check out this video on trigger stacking. If you have a reactive dog, this is a must. Video by Donna Hill

Your dog would love for you to speak their language...