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A word about value...



Because dog training is a service-based business with progress and end results being intangible, I want to take this time to explain what is involved with getting your dog's behavior to shift from undesirable to most desirable. 

Services are a special form of product which consists of benefits and satisfaction gained through expertise by the provider and do not result in the ownership of anything. In this case you are purchasing my expertise to elicit improved behavior from your dog.

With a decade of privileged experience in all facets of dog handling and care, learned within various contexts, including; rescue, sheltering, transport, assessment, re-homing, private in-home training, workshops, classes and more, I have developed a fluency and set of observation skills through interacting with dogs in various states of transition. As well as various stages or behavioral wellness and bahavioral deterioration. You are purchasing my cumulative experience and the transfer of my knowledge to you and your dog.

Being certified through CCPDT (the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers) means I was required to take a test covering all aspects of dog training, behavior and animal husbandry in addition to practice hours under mentors. 

Choosing to work with me and book future prepaid sessions means you have put trust in my services. Because behavior is fluid, variable and perishable, it's important to have this mutual understanding  of what you are purchasing. 


Client Gratitude

" Janet has helped us turn our high-driven, stubborn, adorable puppy Juneau into a relaxed and calm dog. We loved her approach which focused on enrichment, creating calm default behavior, and managing her excitement level rather than simple obedience. Now we don't have to ask Juneau to be well behaved-she just does so on her own.” 

G+C December 2018

Building Blocks


Throughout the Initial Consultation and all service package offerings, we work to build a foundation of behaviors that are meant to span the lifetime of the animal. Part of that depends on us showing you how to best get your dog to cooperate with you. The other simple but life changing value for our clients is a dog who is behaviorally able to self-regulate.  A dog who has learned how to make mannered, prosocial choices.

"Well begun is half done." 


Invaluable learning experiences from gratefully being in the 'field' day after day, have enabled me to come up with a 3 point approach. 1) Carefully observe what is causing the behavior(s) to occur. 2) Figure out the easiest way to approach reducing the behavior(s). 3) Determine the least intrusive access point for teaching the animal new behavior with the lowest amount of stress.

 Part of why I do this work is to help dogs who are chronically stressed from fear, anxiety, phobias, sensitivities and aggression. When I work with puppies it's usually because the puppy owner wants more than an obedient dog. They want a dog with skills beyond sit, down, stay. Behaviors that can empower their dog through a variety of circumstances while the dog is able to self-regulate and make choices. 

"Dogs do not fail, they perform as trained" -Steve White

Trending in the right direction. Slight improvements. Progress on a single behavior. One piece of the puzzle solved. All intangible. All create clear benefits for you and your dog.

Copyright, Janet Vera 2018



Are you a dog owner who has tried many things, including obedience training, but still have outstanding issues that are interfering with the bond you share with your dog?  

"To begin to understand the communication of any species, you need 5,000 hour eyeballs" -George Shaller

With over 5,000 hour eyeballs in dog behavior and training I've come to learn to listen with my eyes to dogs. Dog body language is vitally important to the safety and well being of the animal as well as our safety. 

If we end up working together here's what you can expect to gain:

  • Clear, effective and simple communication that develops mutual trust between you and your dog.
  • Heightened awareness of what is most important to be aware of in situations which may arise. 
  • You will be shaping behavior so your dog is able to make pro social choices organically. 
  • In order to get to this place, in which you are naturally synced with your dog, you'll learn their fears, likes, dislikes, sensitivities, breed tendencies and how to train them. 

"Value-added promotes customer retention (they come back) but value-unique nurtures customer advocacy (they bring their friends.)"  -Chip Bell

I feel a sense of honor and privilege that I get to spend my days with dogs for a living. I have a deep respect for each pup I meet and knowing how much joy they'll bring their families (eventually:)) informs the quality and commitment of my work.  -Janet

Other specialists...


A quick word about breeders and veterinarians. I have the utmost respect for but, they are not dog trainers. Neither are they behavior specialists unless they have the title of Veterinary Behaviorist. Otherwise you are taking training advice from the wrong specialist. I, as a dog trainer/behavior specialist wouldn't think of trying to give your dog medical treatment nor would I give breeding advice.  Check out for a list of trainers.

If you feel like your dog needs more extensive help, here is the link to The American College Of Veterinary Behaviorists. It's also a great resource in general.

A word about dog trainers...


The outdated theories of "Alpha", alpha rolls, "show them whose boss", in addition to outdated equipment such as; prong collars, E-collars and choke chains are ideas and equipment which build an atmosphere of avoidance, fear, heightened vigilance and oppressed behaviors-not changed behaviors. 

Run don't walk if these words are spoken by a trainer in this third millennium! 

Harsh methods


When clients are referred to us they have usually been to at least one other trainer. Or have tried various methods on their own. The most heartbreaking comments I hear are;  "I didn't want to use the electric collar", "It didn't feel right", "I could tell it made my dog scared", "I never want to see that look on my dog's face again".


The waiver must be filled out and signed before initial consultation. Thank you!

Client Gratitude

“Janet has been a godsend! The rescue that I volunteer for hired Janet to help with my foster dog who has had a lot of fear reactive behaviors.  She would growl, snarl, bark and sometimes lunge at strangers. After only three sessions, we have seen a huge difference in our foster dog! She no longer growls, snarls or lunges. She glances at the stranger and keeps walking. Janet has taught myself and my family different strategies that are helpful for our foster dog as well as our resident dogs. We love her!”

Maureen T -September 2018

Client Gratitude


"Janet is wonderful! We just got a puppy from the shelter who is very sweet, but also very fearful of the world. From the moment Janet stepped into our home, she has helped us with strategies and techniques to help our dog develop confidence. Literally, in our first session we saw considerable improvement, which is huge relief to us, and I'm excited about all the ways we will continue to build on these first positive steps and help our dog acclimate to her new environment, and overcome her fears!. Thank you, Janet!" S.D.  

-October 2018

Rocking Motherhood!


New mom Jen with Oscar and EJ


"Janet became part of the family when Oscar was about 6 months old, she trained him on the basics and now 4 years later he still knows all the cues and looks forward to her visits! Even though Janet taught Oscar to ride a skateboard!!, her work with him while I was expecting and now with a newborn, has been invaluable. I would recommend Janet for all families bringing in a new puppy or baby. She is a miracle worker who truly loves her clients." -

Jen M  1/2018

Client Gratitude


"Janet was clearly born to do this - ML's "Mary Poppins for doggies" analogy is spot on. 

She is everything you would want - highly professional, positive, reliable, trustworthy, kind, thoughtful and responsive. She provided us with a detailed training plan based on our goals and initial session, and then provided frequent progress updates (I also love seeing our puppy Sidney on her Instagram feed which has a well-deserved celebrity level following).

Sidney clearly loves working with Janet. In just a few training sessions, Janet was able to get our extremely high energy and distractible puppy to walk calmly on a leash and even maintain the discipline to leave a treat on her paw until she was told to "take it." (We were unable to achieve this after months of trying without Janet).

We could not recommend her more highly."

-Neel Shah, October 2016

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