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“Janet is truly a goddess of all things dog! I was referred to her for training immediately after adopting my rescue dog, who had spent all 5 years of her life in a horrible hoarding situation of 60+ dogs and cats... 

From our first session with Janet, it was clear that she is highly professional, kind, enthusiastic, patient, and, most importantly, genuinely cared about my dog and helping her....

After each session with Janet I saw incredible progress!” C.S July 2018



Janet's Background

I stumbled backwards into the dog training field. My first inclination to begin a career with animals was towards the end of my time as a retail gift shop owner. From 1999 to 2007 I owned and ran a gift shop based out of Cambridge, MA, (which is also where I grew up and graduated from CRLS High school) with my faithful Yellow Labrador named Jasmine. The business in itself taught me quite a bit about boutique style service, client relationship building and how much I enjoy self employment. When I ended my run there I noticed my passion had been shifting towards wanting to work day to day with animals. I began a pet sitting business immediately. Shortly after starting For The Love Of Dogs, I was referred to the late, great Robert B. Parker from the Spenser For Hire franchise who lived in Cambridge with his wife, Joan Parker and his German Short Haired Pointer, “Pearl The Wonder Dog“. 

I began working for the Parker's exclusively as their full time dog ”nanny” with some personal assisting sprinkled in. With less business building in mind I was able to study and take courses in dog training and eventually become certified. During that time I also fostered a New York, Central Park stray named Howard, who came with a host of issues including nipping everyone who came to meet him. My backwards stumble became a forward passion in dog training and animal behavior. I am currently a Certified Professional Dog Trainer specializing in reactivity and fear based behavior. The methods I use include positive motivation, clicker training and evidence based training.

I absolutely love working with dogs and their owners. I have a deep courtesy and respect for each animal as an individual. I also love having something in common with every new client which is; how can we support this dog to be less stressed and more at play in the world. 



Creative Outlet

My love and respect for animals and nature was deeply instilled in me from a very young age. I grew up in Cambridge, MA, in a large family and we were fortunate enough to spend summers on Cape Cod. For the three months we lived there we were outdoors playing, swimming in Buzzards Bay, water skiing, digging clams, playing kick the bucket and during the evenings playing flashlight tag or sitting around a fire. If it was raining really hard we played cards or watched tv. My love of nature and animals continues to grow. I was fortunate to live on Cape for a year in 2015/2016 some of the sunsets were from that time, taken mostly in Falmouth, MA. 

All photos were shot and edited on IOS devices by Janet Vera and are not to be reproduced, in any form, without permission in writing. 


My Favorite Subjects!

My old pal Roscoe! 


Capturing Shades and Light

Chapaquoit Island, Falmouth MA.

Client Gratitude

Client Gratitudes

“I cannot express enough how highly we recommend Janet. I reached out to Janet in tears after our dog reactive dog, Hina, got loose during a walk and went after another dog. Janet was compassionate and super flexible, setting up a consultation that weekend. 

After only a few minutes, Janet had nailed Hina as not just dog reactive, but generally fearful. Janet set realistic expectations and began work immediately. She helped us identify Hina’striggers, speak her language, and work as a team. We have made more progress in the last six months than we have in two years! Janet helped Hina gain her confidence while subtly training her humans to be more patient, better informed, and more supportive, and most importantly, more fun.

We had been working with one of the area’s best reputed behaviorists, and were trying to follow the behaviorist’s protocol while also incorporating Janet’s at-home personalized training sessions, but shortly after, it became clear that Janet had something that the behaviorist did not:  pragmatism and active listening skills.

The behavior analyst insisted we “just try harder,” and the attitude from her facility that we were not doing enough was increasingly frustrating. I strongly believe that, without Janet’s help, we would have lost all hope that Hina would ever improve. Hina had already gone through at least two homes before us, and we were not going to give up on her. 

Janet works holistically- she is super sharp and notices everything. We have made many adjustments, large and small, based on Janet’s observations not just for Hina’s behavior but also for her safety and health. Janet also helped us build Hina’s team of advocates, and she’s like the cherry on top.

I believe without a doubt that Janet loves Hina as much as we do, and it shows. The true embodiment of fear free training, Janet is your gal, and we are so grateful to have her on our team.

Tree -October 2019

"My training sessions with Janet and Pooch are the high point of my week! Pooch and I look forward to them all week, and always exceed our expectations. The sessions are fun, positive, professional, creative, and individualized for your dog. I am always left feeling that Janet's work with dogs makes the world a better place for all of us." 

-Hope R